ROI Connect

From email marketers and pay-per-click advertisers, to SEO-based affiliates and content providers, the needs of different types of online marketers exceed the scope of any one-size-fits-all media approach. That's why SWN Media has partnered with Above All Offers to deliver a wide variety of offers at attractive payouts for performance-based marketers to choose from, while simultaneously providing numerous high-quality traffic sources for offer owners.

Above All Offers is a global leader in the performance marketing space, providing access to a wide variety of offers, traffic, and resources. AAO publishers are given one-click access to top brand names in every conceivable industry and niche, and access to state-of-the-art tracking metrics to ensure that every campaign is continuously tracked and optimized for profitability. The Above All Offers team can assist with locating, testing, and optimizing the best offers and channels for your marketing approach.  Whether you are on the Advertiser or the Affiliate side of the table (or both), Above All Offers can help take your business to the next level by connecting you with the people who can most benefit you.

Our relationship with the Above All Offers team and their brand Advertisers and Affiliates allows us to pair our performance-driven campaigns with the offers and traffic best suited for your needs, even when that requires exclusive offers or white-label campaigns not available to the general public. We can offer campaign setup, management, and optimization to ensure that revenue is maximized in the constantly shifting world of online marketing. Our campaign strategies blend seamlessly with the Above All Offers platform to give your campaigns the highest level of success. Sign up today to take your results to the next level.